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===== Edition 6 =====
vom December 10, 2012

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Pirate Times! This edition starts<br />
with good news for the Pirate Movement. There has been a new Pirate<br />
Party founded in Iceland and the Austrian Pirates had a success at the<br />
elections in Graz. Furthermore there have been elections in Catalonia.<br />
The Pirates there sadly didn't get enough votes for a seat but their<br />
influence is still growing.  There have also been two General<br />
Assemblies, in Germany and the Netherlands. The Pirate Party Germany<br />
voted on their program and the dutch pirates elected a new core team.<br />
We also give tips on how to make pirate allon art to use in campaigns.<br />
Further we analyse the difference between Hipsters and Pirates and<br />
finish with a overview over the pirate movemont on Twitter and<br />
Facebook. You can also read the Pirate Times online at our blog [1] or<br />
for offline reading just download the PDF version: http://piratetimes.net/wp-uploads/news/2012/12/edition6.pdf The<br />
Pirate Times Team<br />
<br />
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=== Contents ===

Iceland has a Pirate Party
Austrian Pirates Electoral Success in Graz
Stunning Rise of Electoral Influence for Pirates de Catalunya
German Pirates pull through on issues despite struggle with formalities
Dutch Pirates Elect New Core Team
Corruption and Lack of Transparency Led to Unrest in Slovenia
Campaign Idea: Using Pirate Balloon Art
Hipsters vs Pirates. Is there a difference?
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – November 2012

Iceland has a Pirate Party
vom November 25, 2012 geschrieben von Andrew Reitemeyer

On Saturday 24 November 2012 Iceland Pirates voted the newest Pirate
Party  into existence. PP-IS Pirate Eva Þuríðardóttir told the
Pirate Times; “We were all so excited finally the day was here, an
Icelandic Pirate party the air was electric both figuratively and
literally speaking, it has been such a joy and privilege to work with
such a cohesive and a talented group of people, what characterises
this group is how ready and willing everyone is to work together for
future undertakings, we are just beginning.

Austrian Pirates Electoral Success in Graz
vom November 26, 2012 geschrieben von Andrew Reitemeyer

Another electoral success for the Pirates, this time in Austria. In
the local elections for the City of Graz  , the second largest citiy
in Austria PP-AT added another politician to the growing army of
elected Pirates world wide. On 25.November 2012, with 2.7% of the vote
the party entered the town hall for the first time with one seat.
“We have arrived and we will stay”, said Philip Pacanda, the
leading candidate for the Graz Pirates.

Stunning Rise of Electoral Influence for Pirates de Catalunya
vom November 27, 2012 geschrieben von Stathis Leivaditis

A very good campaign that attracted the attention of people, which can
be seen in their elections results as well as the greatly increased
followers in social media, gave Pirates de Catalunya a rise to their
electoral influence. In the early elections for local parliament held
on Sunday, November 25, they got more than double of their previous
percentage, 0,21% in 2010 increased to 0,49% in this election.  This
increase also meant that they nearly tripled the number of votes
obtained, from 6.451 to 17.942.  This result was achieved with the
help of more than 150 candidates in all 4 regions.

German Pirates pull through on issues despite struggle with formalities
vom November 28, 2012 geschrieben von Patrick Schiffer

Last weekend, the Pirate Party of Germany held their second federal
party convention of 2012 in the Ruhr city of Bochum, Northrhine
Westphalia. Over 2000 registered Pirates from all over the country
came to discuss and vote on motions for the party manifesto. The
party's working groups had improved upon the motion texts tirelessly
for months - through late-night teleconferencing sessions via Mumble,
the primary working mode of PPDE, as well as on several face-to-face
meetings, like EuWiKon earlier this year. Compared to earlier Pirate
conventions, the agenda was quickly agreed upon. After that, however,
progress became increasingly slower.

Dutch Pirates Elect New Core Team
vom November 30, 2012 geschrieben von Patrick Schiffer

Over 60 Pirates attended the annual meeting of the Pirate Party of the
Netherlands on 25 November 2012. They elected members to their "Core
Team" and although some positions remained vacant they developed a way
to enable people who, although not gaining enough votes to gain a
position, if they got a simple majority they could become reserve
board members. They also reinvigorated the party's commitment to the
Uppsala Declaration and further strengthened the democratic principle
with structure changes.

Corruption and Lack of Transparency Led to Unrest in Slovenia
vom December 1, 2012 geschrieben von Matic Urbanija

It has been known for a long time that something was wrong in the
office of Franc Kangler, the Mayor of the city of Maribor. The media
constantly reported over corrupt and non-transparent practices by his
administration. On Monday 26 November the situation escalated and led
to unrest when thousands of people expressed their demands for the
Mayor to step down.

Campaign Idea: Using Pirate Balloon Art
vom December 2, 2012 geschrieben von Andrew Reitemeyer

Everyone likes getting a present, especially children but also Pirates
(who are children at heart). Winning the hearts of your fellow Pirates
at conventions and children whilst campaigning is important.

Hipsters vs Pirates. Is there a difference?
vom December 6, 2012 geschrieben von Anouk Neeteson

Hipsters were born from the counter-culture. In the past decade the
hipster movement has grown and has gradually moved from periphery into
the mainstream of society. When punk became plastic and the hip hop
lost their momentum for social change, the remaining counter-cultures
merged together into a single, continuously mutating trans-atlantic
melting pot of styles, tastes and habits, which can be described as a
hipster movement, explains Douglas Haddow.

The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – November 2012
vom December 10, 2012 geschrieben von Josef Ohlsson Collentine

During the month of November the Pirate movement grew with 63.957
followers on Facebook and 12.364 followers on twitter. This brings the
total amount of people following a pirate party on Facebook or twitter
to 661.852 people.


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