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===== Edition 8 =====
vom January 10, 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the Pirate Times newsletter for 2013.<br />
This time we start with news from Belgium. The Pirate Party Belgium<br />
had a extraordinary general assembly to restructure their party.<br />
Furthermore we have another case of blocking, as Iceland Piratepads<br />
are blocked as "hate-speech" and "computer crimes". Another article<br />
concerns something that most find positive, automatic blocking of ads,<br />
but this tilts and violates network neutrality when done automatically<br />
by an ISP. But there is also good news, with the Public Domain Day a<br />
lot of copyrighted content entered the Public Domain. The ITU<br />
conference took place in Dubai back in December. We also go in on the<br />
origion of the word pirate and its connection to human knowledge. As<br />
for the PPI, the board has made a decision on who will host the next<br />
general assembly. They decided for Kazan in Russia but the date isn't<br />
known yet, it will be released in the next two weeks. We hope you<br />
enjoy these news and we're always happy for feedback, ideas or tips at<br />
contact at piratetimes.net May 2013 bring even more good news than 2012,<br />
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=== Contents ===

Restructuring the Belgian Pirate Party
Pirates are Implementing the Experience of Human Knowledge
Icelandic Authorities Blocking PiratePad as “Hate-Speech”
Happy Public Domain Day!
Network neutrality: a French ISP attacks advertising
Pirate Party Russia hosts upcoming PPI Assembly
Global Internet Surveillance – all for the protection of copyright?

Restructuring the Belgian Pirate Party
vom December 27, 2012 geschrieben von Koen De Voegt

On Saturday 22 December 2012 members of the Belgian Pirate Party met
up for an extraordinary general assembly (EGA). This gathering was
held in the Wallonian student city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve. This
location was a symbolic choice, during the communal elections of 14
October the party reached 5.16%, its best result ever. Only 14 votes
shy of our first city councillor.

Pirates are Implementing the Experience of Human Knowledge
vom December 30, 2012 geschrieben von Stathis Leivaditis

The English "Pirate" is derived from the Greek word "πειρατής"
(peiratēs) and this in turn from the verb "πειράομαι"
(peiráomai), "I attempt", which is a derivative of the noun
"πείρα" (peîra), "experience". Pirate indicates the
investigator, the tester, is a key word for humanity and characterizes
our species. Basically, we are all Pirates, that’s what we do every
day, we try for something new at all levels and thus we become more

Icelandic Authorities Blocking PiratePad as “Hate-Speech”
vom January 5, 2013 geschrieben von Andrew Reitemeyer

The Icelandic Pirate Party has confirmed its suspicions that Reykjavik
City authorities are blocking access to one of the party's
collaboration platforms, namely PiratePad. The city uses content
filtering software managed by the software giant Microsoft who have
labelled it under the categories "hate-speech" and "computer crimes".
Libraries and schools are among institutions blocking access to

Happy Public Domain Day!
vom January 5, 2013 geschrieben von Koen De Voegt

The first of January is also known as "Public Domain Day". Due to the
expiration of copyright protection terms on works produced by authors
who died several decades earlier, thousands of works enter the public
domain on this date. Although we Pirates think the current terms of
copyright protection are exuberant, it's still worth taking a look a
some of these old works that now become a freely available part of our
shared world heritage.

Network neutrality: a French ISP attacks advertising
vom January 7, 2013 geschrieben von Loïc Grobol

In a recent update to the firmware of its set-top box, the French ISP
Free provides an add blocker. It is still in beta, but activated by
default. By filtering advertisement without informing its users, it
poses another threat to network neutrality. If this ad blocker is kept
activated by default, the next step could be to make it mandatory, or
to extend it to other contents and charge for its deactivation.

Pirate Party Russia hosts upcoming PPI Assembly
vom January 8, 2013 geschrieben von Daniel Ebbert

The upcoming General Assembly of Pirate Party International (PPI) will
be held in Kazan, Russia. So decided the PPI board on January 8 2013.
The conference will be held in a weekend in April and will be the
first one held outside of the European Union.

Global Internet Surveillance – all for the protection of copyright?
vom January 10, 2013 geschrieben von Dominic Guhl

In December, the ITU "World Conference on International
Telecommunications" was held in Dubai. The ITU (International
Telecommunication Union) is a specialized agency of the United
Nations, having over 190 states as members. Numerous controversial
proposals find their way onto its deskk.


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