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Welcome to the 21st edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

*It Seems We Have a Neutral Net! #success.
<http://piratetimes.net/it-seems-we-have-a-neutral-net-success/>* *April 5,
2014 *
The European Parliament accepted the Digital Agenda that was originally
promoted by Vice President Neelie Kroes. This Digital Agenda includes net
neutrality within the European Union and puts an end to roaming charges for
mobile services in other European countries by the end of 2015.

*Meet the Pirates Contesting the Western Austraian Senate*.
4, 2014*
Due to the loss of a large number of votes by the Australian electoral
commission the election for the Senate representatives for Western
Australia must be held again. There are 77 political hopefuls on the
candidate lists and two of them are Pirates.

*PPSE Campaign Trick – Culture Bombing.* *April 1, 2014*
One of the campaign features that the Swedish Pirate Party uses is called
‘Culture Bombing’. This is a practical way of showing the political idea
that “culture is better shared”. People gather books for giving away. In
the front of each book they put a sticker with “culture should be free” and
some short information about the Pirate Party. The idea is to offer them to
people in your local town square and take the opportunity to talk with them
about Pirate politics.

*Battles for Democracy. Week 13
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-13/>*. *March 31, 2014*
A weekly summary of the battles for democracy we couldn’t write about.

   - More than 500 people sentenced to death in a single hearing in Egypt.

   - It is still unclear that Obama proposal will put mass surveillance to
   an end.

   - Michael Hayden, director of the NSA from 1999 to 2005, in a too
   sincere interview

   - Erdogan is not trying to block social media as much as taint it.

   - Although the European Commission is to freeze negotiation over EU-US
   trade deal, it might be just smoke

   - The British Government threatens to close the Guardian for the
   publication of Snowden’s revelations.

*The First Elected Pirate in the History of Dutch Politics.
30, 2014*
The Piratenpartij Netherlands has achieved an historic result with the
Amsterdam elections of 2014. With the seat for Jelle de Graaf in the board
committee of Amsterdam West, PPNL has the first elected pirate in the
history of Dutch politics. Assuming that irregularities in Amsterdam will
not lead to changes in the numbers of seats, they almost reached another
two seats during the elections.

*Battles for Democracy. Week 12
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-12/>.* *March 25, 2014*
A weekly summary of the battles for democracy we couldn’t write about.

   - New Law Means Photographers In Hungary Must Ask Permission First

   - License-Plate Tracking Databases in the US

   - NSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve and replay
   phone calls

   - Inside the NSA’s Secret Efforts to Hunt and Hack System Administrators

   - Orange Gives All Of Its Data To France’s NSA

   - Turkey strengthens Twitter ban, institutes IP level block

   - Saudi Arabia's new law will give you 10 years prison for a re-tweet

*Obama, We Need to Talk – The citizens of Europe.
<http://piratetimes.net/obama-we-need-to-talk-the-citizens-of-europe/>* *March
24, 2014*
On the occasion of President Obama visit to Brussels on Wednesday, 26
March, the social media campaign “Obama, we need to talk” was created
during one of the workshops at the Young European Election Ambassadors
conference. A team was quickly assembled with working groups on IT,
copywriting, design, PR and project management. 15 people started putting
together the pieces of the campaign and managed to roll it out the
following day.

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