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Welcome to the 18th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

*Slovenian Pirates Help Consruct Computers to Counter Digital Poverty
10, 2014
Usually we link the word poverty with lack of food, water, clothing and
dwelling. But in the age of digital communication, the lack of a connection
to internet (or even computers) can lead to digital poverty. The Slovenian
Pirates, aware of this problem, are collaborating in a computer
construction workshop to build computers out of basic components (or just
add missing parts) and donate them to people who can’t afford a computer.

*The Day We Fight Back
<http://piratetimes.net/the-day-we-fight-back/>.* February
11, 2014
The Day We Fight Back, on a date (February 11th) chosen to coincide with
the anniversary of Aaron Swartz‘s death and the two-year anniversary of the
SOPA blackout which he helped organise. Groups including the EFF, Mozilla,
BoingBoing and Reddit will hold a worldwide day of activism against the
mass surveillance perpetrated by governmental organisations such as the NSA
(in USA) and the GCHQ (in UK).

*Battles for Democracy. Week 6 (Previously: News Digest)
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-6/>. *February 12, 2014
This article summarizes some of the battles we did not write about the past
week. Some of the articles:

   - Despite Pushback, Internet Freedom Deteriorates

   - The personal threat index calculated by the NSA

   - Turkish Parliament Passes Internet Censorship Legislation

   - Here's Why The EU Is Crazy Not To Insist On Full Transparency During

   - Tools for democracy: Democracy 4.0, 2013 World Press Freedom Index,
   openingparliament.org, askthem.io, quienmanda.es

*PPAU Finished 4th out of 11 Candidatets In Griffith By-Election With 1.5%
13, 2014
This past Saturday, 8 February 2014, there was a by-election for the House
of Representatives in the electorate of Griffith in Australia. The Pirate
Party of Australia (PPAU) managed to place fourth out of the eleven
candidates with 1.5% of the votes. With 1055 votes achieved it was a good
first appearance by PPAU in this election. The results for PPAU were
between 0.9% and 2.5% in all areas apart from Mount Gravatt East (0%) and
West End (3.4%).

*Flattr Appreciation During January 2014, Euro 14.56
14, 2014
In January 2014 we had 30 things flattred by 14 unique users. In total we
were flattred 64 times last month and received Euro 14.56 in support for
our work. Our investment in a translation plugin has started being used to
translate our website into French and Spanish. The official launch of our
translations will happen soon when we will hopefully expand the translator
teams and open a few more languages.

*Copyright Consultation: Cure for Political Apathy?
15, 2014
The consultation deadline was extended until 5 March 2014. Common sense
tells us that when trying to stir an apathetic population into political
action and motivate greater participation in democracy, abstract debates,
such as a Europe-wide reformation of copyright and intellectual property
law, is probably not the best way to go.  With our low participation in
modern politics, an effective public consultation could be exactly the sign
the people need to show that politics is about representing their best
interests and listening to their voices.

*General Assembly of PPNO: A Professionalization Of The Party
16, 2014
The 1-2 February 2014 was the General Assembly of Pirate Party Norway
(PPNO). They made use of a few different digital tools to run their general
assembly. The meeting is the second ordinary GA that PPNO have arranged and
there was about 30 Norwegian Pirates taking part at the meeting in
Kristiansand, with about another 10 people following and voting from a
distance. The general assembly was live-streamed through youtube which
caused some “political censorship” in Germany which Pirate Times reported
about earlier.

*Polish Pirates Hold Primaries For EU Elections
17, 2014
The Polish Pirate Party has decided to go to the elections for European
Parliament (EP). The base for the Polish Pirates’ programme will be the
Common European Elections Programme (CEEP), that is being adopted by most
European Pirate parties. The pirate candidate in the Warsaw district,
Zbigniew Łukasiak,pointed out that he thinks Polish Pirates should put some
emphasis on the Freedom of Information acts, ways to make them more
effective and also on fighting the efforts to limit these acts.

*Battles for Democracy. Week*
for Democracy. Week 7
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-7/>. *February 18, 2014
This article summarizes some of the battles we did not write about the past
week. Some of the articles:

   - Court of Justice of the European Union steers hyperlinks clear of
   copyright protection.

   - UK Police And Companies Will Have Access To Database Of All England's
   Medical Records

   - Members of European Parliament table proposals to protect EU citizens’

   - World Map of CensorShip Laws.

   - World Map of Freedom of Press according to the World press freedom
   index 2014.

   - From Democracy to Dictatorship by way of Facade Democracies

   - Al Jazeera’s comprehensive timeline of every Snowden revelation

   - Tools for democracy: Idea.int, LiberTIC, Codeforamerica.org

   - ...

*Turkish Pirates Hanging Tools Of Freedom On The Tree Of Censorship
19, 2014
A bill that imposes censorship on the internet has brought great turmoil in
the Turkish society. Thousands of people keep on demonstrating in the
squares of the country, requesting its withdrawal and even cope with the
forces of repression! The Pirate Party of Turkey is participating in the
protests with all its strength and organizing original events against
censorship, surveillance and the suppression of rights, such as the public
hanging of the tools of freedom on the tree of censorship.

*PPI'S Thinktwice Conference- AFK But Streamed Live
21, 2014
PPI’s first international conference, outside their annual meetings, has
been named the “ThinkTwice” conference and takes place this weekend (21-22
February) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The motto of the conference is
“Away from Keyboard” and the aim with this conference is to: *“bridge [...]
the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and NGO to foster a mutual
exchange on ideas and experiences that are worth spreading.”*

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