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Welcome to the 16th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter.

*ThinkTwice Conference 2014 - Away from Keyboard
January 24th, 2014
Pirate Parties international (PPI) will be organising its first
international ThinkTwice conference on 22 and 23 February 2014. For this
conference the tag line is "Away from Keyboard". The event will take place
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The aim of the conference is to bridge the
gap between the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and NGO's. This is a
conference that is not to be confused with PPI's annual general assembly.
The main idea of the conference is to exchange ideas and experiences
between the different Pirate Parties, people and organisations that work on
similar topics.

*The Belgian Pirate Party Announces Top Candidates for the European
24th, 2014
During the weekend of 18-19 January the Belgian Pirates, from all over the
country and all its language groups, came together in Brussels. These type
of meetings are organised 4 times a year by PPBE. After some debate on
small statutes changes the main work for the day could begin. The regional
program was the next main item on the agenda, after hard work a final
version was agreed upon.

*Pirate News Digest. Week 3.
<http://piratetimes.net/pirate-news-digest-week-3/>* January 23rd, 2014

   - Tunisians cast their online votes for a new constitution.
   - Daniel Ellsberg announces that Edward Snowden will join the Press
   Freedom Foundation
   - Chelsea Manning awarded 2014 Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in
   - Let's fix EU Copyright!
   - Viviane Reding, European Commission VicePresident on data protection,
   net neutrality and more.
   - The farces of the International Monetary Fund
   - Clashes in Madrid as protest over government spending spreads to 46
   - U.S. appeals court kills net neutrality
   - Agoravoting: A new way of making group decisions
   - Why working-class people vote conservative
   - ...

*Pirate Party of Italy Congress in Florence.
<http://piratetimes.net/pirate-party-of-italy-congress-in-florence>* January
21st, 2014
The Pirate Party of Italy was preparing for its second congress (Assemblea
Occasionale, literally: occasional assembly). This time it was intended to
take place in Florence on Saturday, January 25th 2014, from 10:00 am until
7:00 pm. Every member of the Pirate Party of Italy was invited to
participate and vote. The main purpose of the meeting was the election of a
new legal representative and a new treasurer.

*Flattr Appreciation During December 2013, Euro 13.17.
18th, 2014
In December 2013 we had 39 things flattred by 12 unique users. In total we
were flattred 64 times last month and received Euro 13.17 in support for
our work. Your money has, since before, payed for a translation plugin that
we will be using here on Pirate Times. Infrastructure is in place and we're
almost ready to launch our French and Spanish translations of articles.

*The importance of the Common European Election Programme.
17th, 2014
European Pirates are moving on to the next level by adopting the Common
European Election Programme (CEEP) and getting ready for the European
elections of May. The CCEP was adopted by consensus, last November, in
So far, Pirate Parties in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Catalonia, Czech
Republic, Greece, Italy, Netherlands have adopted the CEEP, Sweden has
adopted it, except for two paragraphs and Austria has ratified the older
version. More parties are going to do the same in the coming weeks.

*Pirate News Digest. Week
2.*<http://piratetimes.net/pirate-news-digest-week-2/> January
16th, 2014

   - Overview of OECD countries initiatives on Open Government
   - United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus the right to
   privacy in the digital age
   - Former NSA insiders write an open letter to Obama
   - Study on the 843 protests between January 2006 and July 2013 in 87
   - Corruption perception index 2013 by Transparency International
   - European Parliament draft on the USA NSA surveillance programme
   - How the American government can get you digital data without warrant
   - Liquidocracy: voting polls via twitter
   - ...

*Spanish Pirates to Elect their MEP Candidates by Open Primaries.
13th, 2014
Confederación Pirata, an  association of Spanish regional Pirate Parties,
started an open and fully democratic process for the election of its list
of candidates for the Euroelections 2014.
This process is open to both supporters and Pirate Confederation's party
members. Any interested person may submit an application and then either
vote for their preferred candidate or stand as one themselves.

*Julia Reda Tops German List to European Parliament.
6th, 2014
The German Pirate Party determined their list of twelve names to the
European elections during this Sunday, January 5th 2014. The top names on
the list are Julia Reda, Fotios Amanatides and Anke Domscheit-Berg.
The top name, Julia Reda from Frankfurt, is a familiar name in both German
and European Pirate politics. Julia has previously chaired Young Pirates
Germany from 2010 to 2012 and is currently, since its founding in August
2013, the chairperson for Young Pirates of Europe. Julia also has direct
experience from the European Parliament, after previous work as an
assistant for the office of Swedish Pirate MEP Amelia Andersdotter.

*The Belarusian Pirates' First Journey in 2013.
<http://piratetimes.net/the-belarusian-pirates-first-journey-in-2013/>* January
5th, 2014
The Pirate Party in Belarus (PPBY) is about a year old. This makes it
possible to observe some developments and priorities in "the country of
blue lakes and potato beetles" which is located in the geographical center
of Europe. The international coordinator of PPBY, Michael Volchek, gives
some insight into their party.

*German Pirates prepare for European Elections 2014.
3rd, 2014
On January 3rd and 4th the Pirate Party of Germany convene in Bochum,
North-Rhine Westfalia for their last general assembly before the European
elections in May. While the meeting was intended to allow a small amount of
time for the completion of the election platform, the main focus was on the
election of candidates for the European Parliament.

*Happy Birthday Pirate Movement and a Happy Public Domain Day.
2nd, 2014
January 1st was the birthday of the Pirate movement and at the same time we
celebrated Public Domain Day.
On 1 January 2006 the first ever Pirate Party in the world, the Pirate
Party of Sweden (PPSE) , was founded by Rick Falkvinge. When we asked
Falkvinge, in an interview to Pirate Times, how  he felt that day,he
"January 1, actually, wasn't very eventful. I spent the day setting up an
ugly  website that I was going to launch as a very early beta in the
evening -  I expected little initial  interest and that I would have time
over the coming months to grow the  initiative gradually and under control
as interest slowly scaled up. I was wrong, very wrong about that part. I
had been correct in picking the interesting topic, but I underestimated the
enormous built-up demand.
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