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Welcome to the 25th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

 *Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party Joins Electoral Alliance in New Zealand.*
May 29, 2014

On 27 May 2014 the Internet Party of New Zealand joined with the left wing
MANA Movement to form an alliance that will fight the New Zealand elections
in September 2014. The new party will be called Internet MANA.

*Icelandic Pirates Prepared to do Well in Municipal Elections.*
May 28, 2014

The Pirate Party of Iceland saw three Pirates entering the Althingi
(Icelandic Parliament) just over a year ago. Now they are ready to see more
Pirates taking seats in regional assemblies. Over the last year PPIS has
seen its polling numbers more than double to over 11% nationally (they got
elected with 5.1% of the vote).

*Battles for Democracy. Week 21.*
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-21/> May 27, 2014

A weekly summary of the battles for democracy: The copyright monopoly
cannot be enforced without mass surveillance; We’d better reinvent banking
or remove it altogether; 152 out of 736 Members of European Parliament have
other earnings apart from their salary; and much more.

*All Pirate Party Votes in the EU Election ~800.000 Votes.*
May 26, 2014

Throughout the 15 countries that had Pirate Parties participating in the EU
elections there was a total of 840.446 votes for Pirate Parties. There was
one MEP elected in Germany, Julia Reda, where they reached 1.45%

*[Live] European Parliament Election Results.*
<http://piratetimes.net/live-european-parliament-election-results/> May 25,

Piratetimes live report about the results of the EU elections.

*[Live-Blog] EU Elections in Czech Republic and French Overseas.*
May 24, 2014

Piratetimes live report about the results of the EU elections in Czech
Republick and French Overseas.

*[Live-blog] European Election For Netherlands and UK.*
May 22, 2014

Piratetimes live report about the results of the EU elections in
Netherlands and UK.

*Youth Absenteeism in European Parliament Elections.*
May 20, 2014

There are three main reasons why youth are not voting in large numbers for
the elections: (1) Socio-economic factors. (2) Mutual distrust between
political parties and youth. (3) Political parties have yet to take into
account changes in young people’s forms of political activism and means of

*Pimp Your Social Media With a Pirate Badge.*
<http://piratetimes.net/pimp-your-social-media-with-a-pirate-badge/> May
19, 2014

With European elections quickly approaching many people want to show their
support through social media. One easy way to do this is through displaying
a badge on your social media profile. Pirate Times provides an easy way to
do this.

*Global Demonstrations Against TTIP – Hundreds Jailed in Brussels.*
May 19, 2014

15 May 2014 was a day of demonstrations in several countries throughout
Europe against TTIP. More than 1.600 people across 5+ countries went out in
the streets to protest. The largest demonstration took place in Brussels
where around 600-1000 people took part of the demonstration against TTIP.
Police detained 250+ of the demonstrators in Brussels.

*Battles for Democracy. Week 20.*
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-20/> May 18, 2014

A weekly summary of the battles for democracy: European Commission are
following the agenda of those with money; Possible abuses of ‘the right to
be forgotten’; FCC votes to kill Net Neutrality; More than 1000 candidates
for Members of the European Parliament pledge to stand up for people over
profit; and much more.

*First Elected French Pirates Interview With Freddy Vasseur.*
May 18, 2014

20 March 2014 was the date for municipal elections in France, the elections
where spread over two parts where the second round took place on 30 March.
The French Pirate Party supported 10 candidates during the elections.
Despite only a few candidates, the Pirate Party won 2 seats in the first

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