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Welcome to the 26th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

 Call for Papers for the 2nd Think Twice Conference in Turkey.
13, 2014

After the success of the first Think Twice Conference held in Frankfurt,
Germany, where 37 speakers from 14 countries took part, Pirate Parties
International are planning their second Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on
30 – 31th August 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring the Pirate
Movement closer to NGOs and the academic world.

What is happening in the Pirate Party of Germany?
<http://piratetimes.net/what-is-happening-in-germany/> June 12, 2014

After the Pirate Party of Germany’s meteoric rise between 2009 and 2013 the
party seems to be in decline and staggering from crisis to crisis. The
latest being “bombergate” in which two young women took part in an
anti-neonazi protest. Their faces were masked and they were topless – Femen
style. One had the words “Thanks Bomber Harris” written on her body.

Flattr Appreciation During May 2014, Euro 9.17.
June 11, 2014

In May 2014 we had 40 things flattred by 11 unique users. In total we were
flattred 66 times last month and received Euro 9.17 in support for our
work. The amount of donations we’re receiving is still very low but
increasing slightly again.

Brazil Conference – The Pirate Party of Brazil is no Longer.
June 10, 2014

Partido Pirata do Brasil (The Pirate Party of Brazil) is no longer with us.
The party’s members held their first ever General Assembly, and in an
unusual move, the Pirates of Brazil decided to change their name to simply
the “Pirate Party”.

What Pirates are Saying about the EU Election Results.
June 9, 2014

It is nearly two weeks since the elections in Europe saw a surge of voting
for the far right and our own representation reduced from two to one. Some
notable Pirates gave their reactions to the European Election 2014 results.

Battles for Democracy. Week 23.
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-23/> June 9, 2014

Reset The Net initiative is pushing the use of encryption to new levels;
German and British spy stations discovered; Egypt will acquire a brand new
system for mass surveillance.

PPCZ Might Still Get an MEP in EU Parliament.
<http://piratetimes.net/ppcz-might-still-get-an-mep-in-eu-parliament/> June
8, 2014

The Czech Pirates and the Czech Green party feel that the election
threshold was unjust and are filing a complaint to the Supreme
Administrative Court (NSS). Both parties argue that there is no justifiable
reason for implementing a 5% hurdle for the European Parliament since,
there is no need to create a majority as in the national parliament.

Pirate Parties International Looking for a Host City for 2015 GA.
June 7, 2014

Every year Pirate Party International holds a general assembly in a
different city in the world. They are now looking for a venue for 2015.
Could your city be the place where international Pirates from around the
world to meet, socialize and work to spread the Pirate message?

Was the Stockholm Internet Forum More Than Nice Words?
June 6, 2014

In his ending keynote Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs in Sweden,
had many nice words to say about the future for Internet Freedom and what
ought to apply but the question is how much of those where just words. He
mentioned how “freedom on and off the net is an absolute key value today”
but deflected the question about the data retention directive through
referring to Sweden not having a choice about it.

#SIF14 Conference, How Important is Internet Freedom?
June 5, 2014

Stockholm Internet Forum 2014 (SIF14) “aims to deepen the discussions on
how freedom and openness on the Internet promote economic and social
development worldwide”. This was the third time that the Stockholm Internet
Forum was organized by The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, .SE (The
Internet Infrastructure Foundation) and The Swedish International
Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Battles for Democracy. Week 22.
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-22/> June 3, 2014

Encryption tool endorsed by Snowden abruptly shuts down; UK government
threatened with shutting down the Guardian if files from the Snowden case
were not destroyed; Europe on the verge of destroying online comments and
free speech; Calls for social media to be censored in Spain after
politician’s assassination is mocked on twitter; and much more.

Iceland Election Results A Nail-Biting Finish.
June 3, 2014

In an election result, reminiscent of last year’s national elections, the
Pirate Party of Iceland saw a new representative enter the municipal
council of Reykjavik by a narrow margin. The result is more important than
one might think in Iceland, since the Pirates are very good at being
representatives, using wasa2il, the participatory democracy platform.

Peter Sunde Arrested. <http://piratetimes.net/peter-sunde-arrested/> May
31, 2014

The Swedish Newspaper, Expressen, has reported that Pirate Bay co-founder,
Peter Sunde, has been arrested. He was held in a raid on a farm near the
city of Skåne Tonganoxie. It was assumed that the Polish police would have
had a hand in the arrest.

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