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Welcome to the 19th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

*Battles For Democracy. Week 8.
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-8/>*  February 24, 2014
This article summarizes some of the battles we did not write about the past
week. Some of the articles:

   - EU Political Parties Ignoring Young People

   - "They Didn't Drown. They Were Murdered!" Immigrant Deaths in Ceuta,

   - Attorney for Edward Snowden Interrogated at U.K. Airport

   - Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics
   Aimed at WikiLeaks and Its Supporters

   - What Are You Hiding? The Opacity of the EU-US Trade Talks

   - Ukraine Opposition Leaders Sign Deal With Government

   - Explainer: What's Going on in Venezuela?

   - copywrongs.eu makes it easier for you to respond to the official EU
   consultation to reform copyright.

*Pirate Party of New Zealand Piratecamp
<http://piratetimes.net/pirate-party-of-new-zealand-piratecamp/>*. February
28, 2014
The small seaside town of Otaki saw the first Pirate Camp held by the
Pirate Party of New Zealand over the weekend of 21-23 February 2014. The
attendees decided to concentrate on planning for the upcoming elections and
how to use that to attract more members. They also decided to plan a
revision of the Party's constitution which gives ultimate decision making
power to the board and not the general assembly. This and other
questionable provisions were implemented to get the Party off the ground.
Also to revisit the 'core principles' which are very narrowly defined and
rather hesitant in formulation.

*The Buddhist Pirate <http://piratetimes.net/the-buddhist-pirate/>*. March
2, 2014
Luis Cuerdo was at the "Think Twice 2014" Conference in Frankfurt to
present the Agoravoting project and to get a better understanding of what
the hell this pirate movement was about. He has been involved less than a
year and apart from the few pirates he had met (in Madrid and London), so
the Think Twice conference was an opportunity to meet pirates from all over
Europe, and even two pirates from Japan! His first impression about pirates
became clear for him: they were a bunch of nutcases that couldn't agree on
any topic at all for longer than 5 minutes. He told to himself:  "I think
I'll fit in".

*Batles for Democracy. Week 9.
<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-9/>* March 3, 2014
This article summarizes some of the battles we did not write about the past
week. Some of the articles:

   - Laury Love refuses to turn over Encryption Keys in UK demand under RIPA

   - The Internet is Fucked.

   - A High Number of Journalists Have Been Charged Under Turkey's Vague
   Anti-terrorism Legislation

   - Deportations Will Make You Free, The European Concentration Camps Of
   The 21st Century

   - How Covert Agents Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate, Deceive, And
   Destroy Reputations

   - savetheinternet.eu Your Freedom Online Is Threatened By An EU Proposal.

   - Tools for democracy: Openstates.org; loomio.org; discourse.org;

   - Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems?

   - ...

*Thinktwice - A Conference That Formed Connections.
4, 2014
The ThinkTwice Conference was PPI's first outside of their regular general
assembly. This allowed them to focus purely on strengthening the bonds
within the Pirate movement. The speeches allowed focused discussions around
different areas within creativity, human rights and revolution. More
importantly the social events outside of the speeches gave people an
opportunity to forge friendships and collaborations across borders.

*Austrian Pirates in Coalition With Communists and Der Wandel.
5, 2014
On 1 March 2014 a little miracle happened in Vienna, Austria. The Austrian
Pirates and Communists joined with Der Wandel into a joint election
platform for the European Parliament. The two top positions were given to
independent candidates, and the other positions on the list to candidates
from the three parties.

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