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Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

 *Czech Pirates Win EU elections for School
30, 2014

Mock EU elections took place for students (over 15 years) in 254 secondary
schools and colleges in Czech republic. In the elections the Pirates came
out in first place with 19.19% of the votes. In total more than 25.000
students older than 15 years laid their votes in the EU trial election.

 “ <http://piratetimes.net/be-a-first-encourage-activists-to-do-more/>*Be a
first” – Encourage Activists to do
29, 201

Being an activist means putting yourself out for public criticism. Being
part of a group diffuses the criticism while also creating a positive
bubble of people believing in the same ideas around you. Being a solo
activist is possible but harder than if you are within a group. The post
includes a very illustrative video.

 *Why you should protest the
29, 2014

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a trade agreement
being secretly negotiated by the EU and the US. And we are afraid that the
governments are keen to grant privileges to companies from abroad in
exchange for privileges for their domestic companies forgetting about the
costs to the societies on both sides of the Atlantic.

 *Battles for Democracy. Weeks
27, 2014

A weekly summary of the battles for democracy: Hidden rules within the
EU-US trade deal; Tibetan man on fire (the 130th) to protest against
Chinese oppression; Repression, censorship, disappearances and impunity in
Mexico; Financial data of UK taxpayers could be sold to private firms;
Amnesty International denounces repressive legislation in Spain,… and much

 *Free Public Transport in
25, 2014

When some German pirates first started to bring up the idea of ticketless
public transport they were laughed at by politicians from other parties.
What those other politicians didn’t know at that time is that it was not so
unrealistic. In Tallinn it’s nearly real by now.

 *Pirate Party Greece Running For EU Elections With A
24, 2014

Last week it was announced that the Pirate Party of Greece (PPGR) will be
running for the EU elections in coalition with the Ecologist Greens party,
Οικολόγους Πράσινους. The focus will be on digital rights, human rights and
democratic participation.

 *The Two Persons Who Plan to Steer PPI on a True
24, 2014

During the General Assembly of Pirate Parties International (PPI), held in
Paris April 2014, the delegates elected a new board. The two persons
elected as co-chairpersons were Maša Čorak (from Croatia) and Koen De Voegt
(from Belgium). Many of the delegates have big hopes for these two and they
were even called a dream-team by some. Here is a short interview to let you
know who will be leading PPI over the next year.

 *General Assembly in Paris – Drones, Fees and a New PPI
22, 2014

The General Assembly of the Pirate Party International (PPI) took place on
13 April 2014 in Paris. During this event a few great ideas came up, a new
board was elected and a membership fee has been implemented.

 *The PPI Financial Position and the Work to Fix
22, 2014

The Pirates Parties International (PPI) has had a hard time dealing with
finances. They have one (or two?) bank accounts that they have not been
able to use because they lack access to them. At the last GA, which took
place in Paris, it was decided that there will be membership fees. Thus
having a solution to the banking problem has suddenly become an immediate

 *Young European Election Ambassadors conference in
20, 2014

The conference, called Young European Election Ambassadors (YEEA), was
arranged by Young Pirates Europe to be a meeting point for young pirates
(and some older ones). It was arranged in parallel with the PPEU conference
and continued after it. YEEA was a mixture of presentations, workshops and
social talking.

 *Swedish Pirate Party Increases in Opinion
April 19, 2014

The Swedish Pirate Party is rising in the latest opinion poll for the
election to the European Parliament in May, now at 3%, compared to 1.3% in
February. According to a new poll conducted by SKOP, 3% of Swedes would
vote for the Pirate Party if the European elections were held then. While
this is a rise from the February figures of 1.3% and 1.5% respectively, it
is still too low to elect a single mandate.

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