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Welcome to the 24th edition of the Pirate Times Newsletter that summarises
the posts of the last two weeks.

*Pirate Parties and Their Progress with the European Elections.

As the European Elections draw closer the European Pirates are campaigning
hard to enter the European Parliament. 15/28 EU member states have Pirate
Parties running for the European elections in 2014. If you know of a link
to a blog, social media page or bio of a candidate we have not found please
use contact @ piratetimes.net to let us know.

 *How Slovenian Pirates Gathered 1000 Signatures for EU
17, 2014

In Slovenia, every candidate list wanting to participate in the EU election
has to gather 1,000 signatures of support from voters. The main problem is
that there is no possibility to sign and verify a form electronically.
Therefore all parties have to collect signatures on the street, and all
voters have to verify their signature at administrative offices. That is
why all signature collectors stand in front of the local administrative

 *Pirates Spreading Like Virus Inside Greek Political
16, 2014

Greek Pirates are ready for a double election battle: Starting on Sunday,
18 May 2014, at local level and continuing the next one, 25 May, with
paneuropean elections running in coalition with the Ecologists Greens. Many
members of PP-GR are cooperating as candidate for municipal or regional
councillors on other parties’ or indepedent ballots. The Pirates are
present in seven municipalities and three regions and thus mixing and
spreading the Pirate virus inside the Greek political system.

 *How Visible are Pirate Parties in Their EU
16, 2014

The EU elections will have 15 Pirate Parties campaigning for votes in their
countries. Some of the parties have complete visual communications about
their participation in the EU elections while some others are a bit more
unclear. We looked at their main sites to find how clear their campaigning
for the EU elections where at first glance.

 *Pirate Party of Brazil to Hold its First General
15, 2014

Pirate Parties are not just a European phenomenon, there are Pirate Parties
in all hemispheres of the globe. South America is no exception and from 23
-25 May 2014 Partido Pirata do Brasil (Pirate Party of Brazil, PPBR) will
be holding its first General Assembly (GA).

 *Creating an Active Pirate Party /
12, 2014

6 pieces of advice to create an active organisation: (1) Twist your own
perceptive; (2) You need activists to do something; (3) Transform negative
mindset into a positive vision for the future (4) Connect activists with
other people(5) Joint cooperation projects(6) Deal with disappointments.

 *Battles for Democracy. Week
19.*<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-19/>May 11,

A weekly summary of the battles for democracy. “We kill people based on
metadata” confirms Michael Hayden ex-director for NSA; Corporations guilty
of ethical, financial or environmental misconduct give advice to the
Comission; Crackdown intensifies ahead of Tiananmen anniversary; 30.000
lobbyist and counting: is Brussels under corporate sway? and much more.

 *Flattr Appreciation During March & April 2014, Euro 4.28 &
10, 2014

In March 2014 we had 16 things flattred by 7 unique users. In total we were
flattred 24 times last month and received Euro 4.28 in support for our
work. In April 2014 we had 44 things flattred by 10 unique users. In total
we were flattred 55 times last month and received Euro 6.77 in support for
our work.

 *Jimmy Wales Advises Pirates to Change their Name to “Internet
9, 2014

Recently the Internet Party of New Zealand, founded by Kim Dotcom, has been
attracting interest in the online world. The Party is now having an effect
on the world scene as Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales endorsed the Internet Party
and urged Pirate Parties around the world to change their names in a

 *Pirate Election Campaigning – Material
7, 2014

Currently 15 Pirate Parties are actively working towards entering the EU
parliament. Even though Pirate Parties wish to change copyright and
generally avoid putting copyright on their own works, there is little
exchange of content between parties. Here is a list of some of the content
available from around Europe’s EU campaigning from Pirates.

 *Swedish Pirate Party at 3.1 % in Polls for EU
6, 2014

The polls have started coming in for the Swedish parties in the upcoming
European elections of May 25th. The Pirate Party continues to increase
steadily, now at 3.1 %. The first poll, conducted in January, listed the
Pirate Party at a mere 1.3 %, followed by additional polls at 1.5 % and 2.7
%. The latest poll, conducted by Skop and released on May 5th, has the
party at 3.1 %.

3.1 % is a major drop from the 2009 elections, in which the party received
7.1 % of the votes and two seats in the European Parliament.

 *Battles for Democracy. Week
18.*<http://piratetimes.net/battles-for-democracy-week-18/>May 5, 2014

A weekly summary of the battles for democracy: New models of internet
censorship are being piloted and perfected; What monitoring centers are
procuring governments ; Norwegian Intelligence Service acquires a
supercomputer to crack heavy cryptography; UK government offers school
pupil data to private companies; Net neutrality finally dies at ripe old
age of 45; Example of how the FBI threatens if you refuse to become an
informant; TISA, yet another secret TTIP; and much more.

 *In memory of Ronnie
Popkema.*<http://piratetimes.net/in-memory-of-ronnie-popkema/>May 4,

Today Pirate Times learned the sad news that one of the faces of the Pirate
Party of the Netherlands, Ronnie Popkema, suddenly passed away last Friday
night. Ronnie was the top candidate in the city of Zwolle during the last
local elections on March 19th. Pirate Times published an interview with him
during those elections.

 *A German Pirate Meets Pirates
3, 2014

Pirate Times administrator and member of the Pirate Party of Germany,
Gefion Thürmer, travelled to Australia recently and wrote about her meeting
with the Pirate Party there. What follows is a loose translation of her
article in our German language sister blog Flaschenpost.

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